Fathers House Foundation has helped send around 1000 believers, from many different churches denominations and countries, to Israel on educational journeys. See the impact to believers heart and soul by reading participants testimonies under “Holy Land Journeys” menu above. Our board of directors is so convinced that this is the best way a church can Stand with Israel that they have authorized Fathers House Educational Foundation to offer grants to churches. It is proven that the spiritual and educational impact of a Fathers House journey is powerful for Christian’s and for Israel.

We have seen great things happen for churches that decide to Honor the Lord by sending representatives to the land.

Here’s How It Works

We have made an offer available to your church of $500 per person as a matching grant. Please tell your pastor and/or leaders of your church about this program and ask them to stand with Israel now. Your Church can receive matching grants for up to 2 of your church members at $500.00 per person, we will match that amount. At that point, your church will have $1000.00 per person to send up to 2 representatives of the church to Israel on a Fathers House Educational trip. So, if the cost of the trip is $2900, the church and/or journey participant will only need to raise an additional $1900.00. We will help churches and individuals with ideas to have fundraisers for the final amounts if needed.

More people can go on the journey of course! But, we can only offer the educational grants to 2 people from any one church.

Our Vision

At FHEF, we know that financially it takes about 20 to 30 people going to setup a viable trip to Israel. Most churches are small and medium size and they seldom can afford to send that many people or even help raise funds for that many to go. To help, we’re acting like a central hub. We connect 10 to 15 churches, who then send 1 or 2 people from each congregation, on one of our educational journeys.

See some of our testimonials to help you understand the reactions of people who’ve gone before you on our journey’s!

We know that if 1 or 2 people can go to Israel from your church, the Church will benefit from the journey. Church members come back on fire and invigorated for Jesus and the Promised Land! This is much like what summer camp does for kids but on a lasting adult level. The journey’s build up the body of Christ.

So here is the question. Will you pray about Standing with Israel? If yes, will you let us pray with you too? If yes, let us pray with you and keep you up-to-date via our monthly newsletter.

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