gilgalGilgal is a site you won’t forget, and a priceless chapter in our History.

What if someone offered you the opportunity to preserve and protect a famous, recently discovered biblical site in Israel so that the world can come and see it? If that one site had the potential to honor God among the nations by the way it supports the accuracy of the Bible, would you help?

Imagine no more. This is that offer!

Presenting, the GILGAL EDUCATION CENTER, adjacent to that part of the Jordan River…

Genesis 33
Where Jacob (Israel) crossed to reunite with Esau after wrestling with God.
Genesis 12, 13, 15
Where God’s 500-year-old promise to Abraham began its literal fulfillment as the children of Israel crossed the Jordan and placed their first official “foot print” in the Promised Land!
Joshua 4-5
Where Joshua and the children of Israel set up camp after crossing the Jordan; where that generation was circumcised; and, celebrated Passover in Israel!
Joshua 22
Where the 2½ tribes who lived east of the Jordan built a memorial “altar” west of the Jordan to remind all future generations they, too, have a portion in the Lord and in the Land.
1 Samuel 10-11
Where Samuel affirmed and renewed Saul’s kingship.
2 Samuel 19
Where the people of Judah welcomed David back as king after the death of Absalom.

Since 2008, Father’s House Educational Foundation has been taking groups to this amazing yet little known archaeological discovery.

The Moreshet (Heritage) Foundation Israel (MHF Israel) has now leased this holy site, which is in today’s Moshav (which means farm village) Argaman on the west side of the Jordan River. The purpose of the lease is to preserve this holy site and develop the area around as a place of worship, education and enjoyment for generations to come. Father’s House Educational Foundation is a support partner of MHF Israel in the development and promotion of this remarkable educational opportunity.  Together, we are making it possible for people of all faiths to visit and study on-site with insight!

Imagine! You actually have a vital role to play in redeeming God’s covenant land for this and future generations.

  • No monuments or buildings will be constructed over the ancient site, thereby covering up the recent findings.
  • MHF Israel will keep the amazingly preserved stone-lined camp just as it is for the world to visit and understand.
  • The Gilgal Education Center will be built adjacent to the ancient camp.
  • Your generous support will help make it all possible!

Display Your Family Name In Israel

The Father’s House Educational Foundation in partnership with the Moreshet (Heritage) Foundation would like to display the name of your family, congregation, school, business, or organization at the Gilgal Education Center in appreciation of your support.  Click here to DONATE NOW.

See the Gilgal Letter of Covenant