Dear Father’s House Family,
For all the promises of God find their Yes in Him. (2 Corinthians 1:20)
When Paul wrote “all the promises of God” to the Corinthian believers, there was no such thing as a “New Testament.” He was referring to all the promises found in the Hebrew Scriptures — what most of us grew up calling, “The Old Testament.”
What if you had to explain the Gospel of Yeshua to an eager seeker, but the only Bible you had stopped at Malachi? Where would you turn with no copy of Matthew or John or Romans?
Answering this question is what the “Yes in Him” Fellowship is all about. Here’s the basic format (even if you can’t attend, keep reading, there’s info for you, too):
1. Gather once a month on a Saturday from 4:30 to 5:30 PM (one hour only).
2. Between gatherings, do your best to keep up with each week’s readings from the Torah, Prophets, and Gospels. (Reading guides provided free of charge to all who attend or to all who request one via U.S. Mail.)
3. At the meeting, John and Roxie Turner partner to bring a short teaching from the previous month’s readings, with special emphasis on how Messiah is revealed and prophesied there. In other words, together we will pursue the goal of explaining how all the promises in those passages are “yes in Him.”
4. The teaching is followed by discussion and prayers for one another as we strive toward continuous learning.
For those who live close enough to Glen Rose, Texas, this is your invitation to join us starting THIS Saturday, October 28. (directions and the first three dates are given below.) Each session stands alone. Come to one or come to all, as your schedule permits.
Many of you live too far from Glen Rose to attend. Even so, we hope to eventually include you online through short video presentations. Until then, we truly covet your prayers as the “Yes in Him” gatherings begin. Pray that all will sense the Lord’s nearness and presence as we come together. And ask for the Lord’s provisions as, in time, we expand the “Yes in HIm” message to as many as possible.
Whether you attend or not, would you like a free copy of this year’s weekly readings from the Torah, the Prophets, and the Gospels? Simply reply to this message and include your preferred U.S. Mail address. The readings are listed in a tri-fold brochure (4×6 when folded), suitable for keeping in your Bible or at your dining table or anywhere. Reply to this message and we will mail you one right away.
The first three sessions are the Saturdays of October 28November 18 (before Thanksgiving), and December 16. The gatherings will continue meeting once a month throughout 2018.
We meet at New Prospect Baptist Church in Nemo (8 miles out of Glen Rose). New Prospect is one mile south of Highway 67.
From Glen Rose, drive toward Cleburne on Highway 67. Take the very first right turn AFTER the Brazos River bridge onto FM 199 South.
From Cleburne, take Highway 67 toward Glen Rose. Turn left onto FM 199 South right BEFORE the Brazos River bridge.
Once you are on FM 199 South, drive uphill for one mile. You will see the church on your left at the intersection with Road 200. 
Notice the carport on the Road 200 side. Enter through the door under the carport.
We will begin promptly at 4:30 and do our best to end at 5:30 or soon thereafter.
We look forward to seeing and/or hearing from you. Thank you for your prayers!!
Blessings and praises to God, our King!

Dr. John Turner