Have you or any member of your
family gone through difficult times?

Maybe you’re suffering through something difficult and heartbreaking right now as you read this. You are not alone. God tells us that there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9).  Please take the time to watch this video that was shot in the Judean Wilderness.. the exact desert land where Christ was tempted by Satan..  And if this video helps you in difficult times please share it!

This Living Lesson From The Land is drawn directly from God’s Word… Much of this was taken from the Torah – Why is The Torah Important? Click Here.

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More Living Lessons Are Being Made

More videos in this series are planned and are being made with each visit to Israel by Dr. John Turner. Check out the Living Lessons From The Land page on our website for more information. No one has to wait for these lessons. Dr. Turner can teach them on location at your church or group gathering! Just contact us for more information!