The biggest life changing experience ever, because it made me want to get into my Bible. And that has changed my life.

I went on the original trip with Father’s House in 2008 and it is still true today. I can’t wait everyday to get into His Word. Having been there where it happened, walking where Jesus walked, makes it come alive and gives understanding I could never get any other way.

I’ve been on lots of other trips and by the end of the 10 days or 2 weeks or whatever, I just want to get home and sleep in my own bed. Not Israel. I was home. I was home.

Ayron StinsonStonewater Church

I know that I will never be the same and can’t wait to go again. I truly believe that this trip was more than information it was impartation which added such a deeper diminution to the experience. In my particular situation the hand of God literally snatched me out of my world and dropped me into another world completely out of my control and comfort zone. I also think that I was more than surprised of how much I retained from this trip (since I gave up on note taking about the third day) but to my surprise the Holy Spirit was etching some truths into my soul that went far beyond Israel facts and history alone they where personal life lessons.

I also had a eye adjustment while there in Israel by the Holy Spirit that has helped me to see my world from a better perspective more filled with hope, more Kingdom fight and better than all that to take the sour things in this life, and with God’s help make lemonade ever time we have opportunity that can sweeten and enrich our lives and those around us. God gave me a fresh grace not to see the wilderness as my enemy anymore and to ask everyday what lessons are there to learn in the wilderness and if God put me in a wilderness place He can speak to me and show me the way, plus the quicker I learn the lessons of the wilderness the quicker I can get into my next season of milk and honey.

Several of my parishioners came up to me and asked what has happened to me (IN A GOOD WAY) since returning from this trip and I’m not sure if I can point to any one thing but I do know that God started a fresh work in my heart filled with new hope and a eye for the future. God has used me to help some of my pastor friends that have been burning up in the desert with despair and hopelessness to look for God to speak to them in their wilderness. Thanks so much for being that vehicle that the Holy Spirit could use to light up a worn out soldier of the cross and give him (ME) a fresh wind to fight the good fight another day. As for Your FATHER’S HOUSE team all of you are a God send and a real tool in the hand of God so please keep up the hard but good work and know your labor is not in vain.

John ElliottPastorHouston, Tx

Thank you Father’s House for your part in tikkun olam through educating pastors in Israel, taking orphans of the streets of Davao City, Philippines, providing a way through Hannah House for babies to live and not die and their mothers to learn the life skills they need to make better choices, for supporting the education of Israeli sabra youth in cutting edge media so that they can compete in the world market. May the blessings continue to flow through you as you continue to give into the repair of the world.

GraceGlen Rose, Tx

Thank you so much for inviting me to go on the trip to the Holy Land with The Father’s house. Words cannot express the impact this has made in my life. Truly a dream come true for me. I am and will be forever thankful to you and the Father’s House for making my first trip “Home” so special. I’m praying it will not be my last. For Jesus, Jerry Zucha Psalms 78:72 (72 With upright heart he shepherded them and guided them with skillful hands)

Jerry ZuchaPastorFirewheel ChurchGarland, Tx

My first journey to the Promised Land in 2007 altered my course. When Byron said, “Let’s go to Israel,” I was dumbfounded. All kinds of thoughts were swimming in my head. “Why should I go to Israel? Is it safe? Is it necessary? WOW! That’s where Jesus walked…”

Obviously, the end result was a 15-hour plane ride and an amazing trek in a blue van with Byron, Moshe, Justin, and myself. Any doubts of traveling to Israel disappeared instantly as we stood looking over the Holy City, Jerusalem. I could not help but think about Matthew 23:37 where Jesus said, “Jerusalem, Jerusalem,… how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing.” I was hooked. The Bible sprang to life in a way that commentaries, videos, and imaginations were not able to produce.

My journey to Israel caused God’s Love Letter to me, the Word of God, to take on new meaning. My personal readings of the Scriptures were and have never since been the same. My preaching had new direction and passion. My life was changed. Since that first time in Israel, I have been blessed to go back to the Promised Land on many other occasions. Each and every time, whether going to previously visited sites or not, I have left with fresh fire from and renewed purpose in the things of God.

As you may know, the Lord has recently brought me to a new place in ministry. I no longer Pastor a church but have the privilege daily to challenge churches across the world to stand with Israel and strive to understand more of the Hebraic roots that so enrich our Christian Faith. Because of that first trip, a journey I believe EVERY pastor MUST make, I know that believers today play a vital role in the physical and spiritual restoration of Israel.

Thousands of years ago, God called Abram to leave his home to travel to a new home that would be called Israel. On that tiny sliver of land in the Middle East, God began to reveal Himself to the world. Still today, that tiny sliver of land is the stage upon which God is showing the world that His plan of redemption and grace is free to all who will trust upon His only begotten Son, our Messiah. Talk about a change in direction! Baruch HaShem…Bless the Name !

Kevin BentleyCleburne,Tx

To say that my trips to Israel with the Father’s House Education Foundation have only somewhat impacted my teachings from the pulpit would be the understatement of the year! Those unforgettable journeys have absolutely changed my life and greatly strengthened my ability to share God’s Word with others. After my first trip, I think my congregation got tired of hearing at the start of my messages, “one thing I saw while I was in Israel was…”, but they always listened graciously and then usually ended up commenting about how they better understood the passage because I had been able to tell of my experiences.

Greg RobinsonBluffdale, Tx

Dear Dr. Turner and Roxie, having you baptize us all was very meaningful, and like you said finding the words to describe the experience is sort of hard. It was an “unspeakable blessing.” No words really do the specialness of the event justice. We are grateful to God for His Love and Provision and grateful to you for your part in it. We had a life changing journey. I (Nicole) prayed at the Western Wall that the banner over our family would be a “banner of joy.” Thank you. Happy Father’s Day to you and “Father’s House :)” Love, The Pizzitola Family

The Pizzitola FamilyVeritas AcademyAustin,Tx

Greetings, The NAUMS Israel June 2011 trip: life-changing experience – touched my own life and the ministry that God has called me to. It has touched other lives because it did touch mine. As a Pastor’s wife who is involved in preaching and teaching, the trip, the knowledge that I learned from Moshe help in expounding His Word. ROLFC (Releaser of Life Church) has a BIBLE SCHOOL, SYNERGY BIBLE SCHOOL, classes started last February 2012. We have 56 students enrolled. As a teacher, as we go through the lesson, coming across some passage from Israel trip, there is something that lifts in my spirit about this passage. The trip has helped me a lot. My prayers for the peace of Jerusalem are more intense. THANK YOU to Brother Byron and Tammy for their generosity, thank you also Pastor John and Roxie for your leadership and friendship during the NAUMS 2011 Israel trip. Praying someday we will be able to go back home to Israel, as Moshe’s welcome word was “Welcome Home”. Praying for FHEF trips and the Gilgal project. Blessings to all, fhef alumni, staff and co-workers.

Nelrose SasamReleaser of Life ChurchDavao, Philippines

I “see” what I’m studying and “feel” so much more. I walked where my Savior walked and felt His Spirit. I still feel such a powerful sense of His presence. The trip was so inspirational and it was very educational. (I wish I had a recording of what Moshe said) We had several revelations about some actual “real” locations of historical significance. We feel as though we a part of Israel… every report on the news has become “personal”and our prayers are more special as we continue to pray for the Peace of Israel. We loved our time with Moshe. Byron, Tammy & Isaac were incredible. We feel we were family and will remember many that traveled with us!

Kaye WoodNorthside Baptist ChurchWeatherford, TX

Meticulously planned and a wonderful experience. Life-changing in the truest sense of the word. I have a new passion for the Old Testament and fullness of the Bible. Almost too much information to absorb! I learned so much that I’m not sure where to start to explain it! I grew in my faith tremendously. I have a keen interest in the Old Testament now that did not exist before the trip. I see the Bible as one complete text now and not in division of Old and New. Totally transformed my view of the Bible, time, and the land of Israel. I go from a naive, “Just give me Jesus” Christian to a man that sees Jesus in the totality of the word. I also have a passion for Israel that is strong and I miss that land every day since we departed.

Mark EarwoodAdministratorFaith AcademyMarble Falls, Tx