The trip was even better than I had thought it would be. It helps me read the Bible with better understanding with the information I received. Education is to help one clearly and effectively pass information and knowledge on to others. I have found renewed excitement in doing this after the trip. I was impressed with coordination and enthusiasm of the staff before, during and after the trip. The entire experience was wonderful. The leadership of the staff of Father’s House, the fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ, and the endless flow of knowledge and information from Moshe made everything outstanding. It was life changing. I am ready to go back.

Mel BradfordMalvern, AR

Dear Father’s House Educational Foundation, Thank you SO MUCH for your contribution to the Hannah House ministry. we appreciate your generosity and support!

May God bless you,
Kellie A, Hannah House girl

KellieHannah HouseLongview, TX

Hallow Family at Father’s House, Words fail me, with which to express adequately my appreciation. I am truly grateful for the opportunity the Father’s House Educational Foundation made available for me and other pastors to go on an educational tour to Israel. Just being there and seeing the richness of our Christian faith was such a blessing to me. The physical evidence to the biblical message was both encouraging and an eye opener. The Lord has used this visit to give me a stronger desire to read and study afresh His Word. I feel emboldened to proclaim God’s Word. I tried suppressing my emotions the whole time I was in Israel but I could not contain myself the last day we were in Galilee. As we sailed on the calm Sea of Galilee, I saw the sun setting (as it were) between two mountains. I could not help but weep with joy for what Christ has done for us. In spite of the turmoil the human race is going through, God’s plan to save mankind is still on course. He is faithful in making the sun to rise and set, to calm the waters, and bring every believer to our eternal home, safely. Somehow, I could not wrap my intellect around the thought that my Savior walked along this sea and called some saying, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Now I am one of those fishermen! What a privilege! Chacha D. Mwita Pastor, Tumaini International Church

Chacha MwitaTumaini International ChurchFt. Worth, Tx

Over the New Year of 2012, I was blessed through the work of the Father’s House to be on the Journey Group to go to Israel. It was one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever done in my life. Actually, it is THE most remarkable thing I’ve ever done.

I’m not a Preacher or a pastor; I’m an active member with my church family in Glen Rose, Texas. The way that I came to Christianity was because I was shown that God is real and that God cares about us. I used to not claim to be a Christian even years into my adult life. But, I had a horrific accident whereby almost every other person would have died from the accident, and most that lived would not have received the Blessing of recovery that I received. After this horrific accident and as I was in the medical rehabilitation process, I prayed and I was saved through a very strong Christian friend of mine. As far as sharing the news about Christ, I do that often as I now spend much of my time presenting to people about life choices. Tied deeply to my message is the message of Christ’s love for us. That’s my number one priority: sharing the message about God’s role in our lives. Now, going to Israel cemented my desire to do this to do JUST this: to share the message of Christ’s love for us. When I walked on the land where Jesus walked, when I was at the place of His birth as a human, when I was at the place where Jesus performed many miracles, when I was on very trails where Jesus walked, my awareness that He is listening to us that Christ / God is listening to us grew tremendously. And, one of the greatest gifts about being in Israel is that my awareness about God listening to us IS STILL present with me now even being back in a different country and on a different continent from Israel. I love God for what He has done for me for us and I desire nothing more than sharing the message so that others are also turned toward Him.

Curtis ChildersStonewaterGlen Rose, Texas

Summarizing the NAUMS 2011 Father’s House Israel Trip, despite the fact that it was the most informative and enlightening trip I have ever been on, has been a surprisingly difficult task.  As one might imagine, I have been asked by numerous friends and family members, and members of our congregation, to share what the most influential or to isolate what my favorite part, of the trip was, but I have to admit that there wasn’t a most influential or favorite part of the trip for me.  Each and every day there were multiple parts that I was very fond of and that were quite influential,  The entire trip, from beginning to end, was packed full of information and spiritual depth.

I honestly wish the trip hadn’t ended, and I have been suffering from feelings of … homesickness???  Kind of strange, but it is true.  I want to return with the The Father’s House each and every time they go to Israel.  Perhaps the Lord will open a door for that to happen.

I have come down to one simple statement that sums up my feelings about the trip, or maybe a better way to say this is to say that this statement sums up my feelings toward God since experiencing the NAUMS 2011 Father’s House Trip to Israel, and that is this … I have a lot more “Want To” where it comes to serving the Lord.  Having experienced Him on such a real and personal level, I don’t want to do anything that would displease him.  The experience has deepened my relationship with The Lord and has made me a better minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Denny RoeCalvary TempleDenver, CO

Thank you so much for providing the opportunity for me to visit the land of our Lord. What a blessing, what an adventure! I’ll never read another another word of Scripture the same. What a life change this trip has been. In the midst of all that I experienced, what an added joy it was to be with a number of other pastors from my community. You’ll never know what you have helped do, by God’s divine hand. The eight pastors who went from Susanville are all part of our local ministers group. We have done many community wide events together and seek to bring the churches of our town together by our example. But this trip brought us together in ways that we could never have imagined. The fruit of this adventure together will be born in the many months and years to come. You just didn’t affect the lives of a few pastors, you helped promote the Kingdom of God in a whole county in Northeastern California. Thank you, thank you! My prayers and blessings go out to you and Tammy, your work and ministry. May God continue to prosper and favor you and yours.


Rick Conrad

Rick ConradSusanville, CA

We don’t even know where to begin to start thanking you for the amazing gift that you gave Steve and I.  It was truly life changing in every way.  We have fallen in love with the homeland of Israel and will never, ever be the same again.  Our days were so full but oh so, so good.  Our cups were so full that we were drinking out of our saucers.  Every single day, we thought wow, surely tomorrow cannot top today, but it did.  We cannot wait to sit down with both of you to share our experience.  Thank you so much Byron and Tammy for having the heart for Israel and for sending Pastors there to learn and to experience the life of Jesus.

John Turner, Rick Hamm are great men of God that we respect so much. They love the Lord and it radiates through them.  It was a blessing to experience this trip of a lifetime with them and the other wonderful people that we met.

We look forward to returning again soon.

Marilyne ChapmanPastorChurch on 99Canada

Cris and I had the experience of a lifetime on the January 2010 Israel trip.  We are so thankful to Father’s House for sending us and our friends Pastor Armand and Lilybelle Valdez to the Holy Land, where we joined some US church groups on a wonderful ten-day tour.
Recently I have presented slideshows of our pictures from Israel to students of our Calvary Bible Institute (both Day and Night classes) in Davao City.  It has made a huge difference for me to have been to so many of the sites in Israel and to have been guided by such a knowledgeable Jewish guide as Moshe Bronstein.  I feel like I can now talk about the Biblical places with a bit of authority and certainly with insight that I didn’t have before.  The students were fascinated by the pictures and the commentary.  Many of them would love to go to Israel now!

I know Cris and I have a heart to go back to Israel and see even more of that wonderful country.   God has truly turned our hearts toward “home”– here on earth, our true original home is in Israel.

God bless Father’s House!

Love in Christ,
Rev. Ken & Cris Sandberg
missionaries in the Philippines

Rev. Ken & Cris SandbergDavao City, Philippines

I am so very thankful and grateful to the FHEF for allowing me to travel with the Paschal-Hope Group. I can’t express the pure joy of being in the Holy Land!  Everything was perfect from start to finish. What a privilege to have 10 glorious days of nothing but the Lord Jesus Christ on our agenda!!!  I absolutely loved our times of reading the Bible, praying, singing and worshiping together.  Moshe was so informative, enthusiastic and passionate concerning everything he shared with us about Israel. Sami was an awesome driver and a joy to be with; Moshe and Sami make a great team. Byron was so very caring and watchful and made the trip easy for us!  I enjoyed getting to know so many loving, kind and joyful Christian brothers and sisters.
The entire trip increased my love for Israel and the Jewish people.  But the most important event of the trip for me was:  my love, devotion, excitement and joy in Him was dramatically increased+++  I was in love with Him before the trip, but now I am melted and submerged in Him with joy inexpressible….TO HIM BE ALL THE GLORY PRAISE AND HONOR FOREVER MORE…. AMEN AND AMEN+++

His servant,
Betty Robinson

Betty RobinsonTexas

I, too, have been giving glowing compliments for the wonderful trip sponsored by Father’s House.  In fact, my Bible Study Fellowship class has asked me to give a short program soon.  How do I choose just three or four exciting sights to talk about?

I believe the well organized planning by Father’s House resulted in all aspects to be well executed.  Even the small details such as mementos, i.e., the certificate from the Antiquities Salvage Operation and the Scriptural Birth Certificate yet to come are thoughtful special gifts.

I guess the only negative thing would be that Ancient Pathway’s itinerary was too ambitious.  It could be more realistic and therefore disappointments are kept to a minimum.

We didn’t get to tour Herodian or enjoy the Dead Sea but we did get to the top of Masada!  Which was one of my highlights.

Thank you very much for the wonderful experience and yes, one day, I would love to go on another tour with you.

Warmest regards,

Ann Moore

Ann MooreTexas