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This trip far expanded my understanding of the Bible. Moshe and John carefully wove the Bible, Hebrew language, and history and culture into one package. To walk with the Holy Spirit in the same places as Adam and Eve, Abraham, Rachel, David, Jesus, Paul and many others is beyond explanation to anyone who has never been there. At times, my heart, my head and emotions were in conflict with one another but in the end God won. Now, when I read the Bible, the Word is richer and comes to life in a new way.

Wade Cloyd

After this trip, I will never read God’s word the same as before. Now I have a much clearer understanding, as well as a visual picture in my mind about “The Greatest Story Ever Told” and the bottom line is, it’s not just a story. It is rock solid history, and a love story written by God for His children.

Dotti Cloyd

John, many thanks to you and Roxie for all you do and brought to the trip. Dotti and I both loved your hearts for Jesus and teaching. Couldn’t have survived without you two.

Blessings and love,

Wade (and Dotti) Cloyd

Wade (and Dotti) Cloyd

phillip-vossMy trip to Israel was amazing! I was told before we left by a good friend that God had a gift for me, and boy did he. I was touched in so many ways as we toured the sites and I listened to the teachings. I was especially blown away at the city of David and hearing all the teachings and seeing all the history. We ended our stop their with time in the upper room, and for me it all came together. The entire journey Jesus took for the Father, came together for me in that moment. I realized exactly what his purpose was and what message he came to deliver. It was powerful and overwhelming to say the least.

phillip-voss2For me in that moment, I truly believe I had a greater understanding of the Gospel and all that Jesus means historically and symbolically. I can now understand what he means to the gentiles, but after experiencing that moment with God, I now understand the message he was sent to deliver to Israel and the chosen people of God. In the upper room Jesus’ actions cried out I am the king of Jews, and in doing so he also hammered home the point that he is the Messiah. It was truly powerful for me to understand more about the time Jesus spent here on earth, and how God was sending such a powerful message to the entire world. God in that moment said I am the rightful king, but I came to do something even greater for all of mankind. It was an act of love that when sitting in the places where they took place, will bring you emotionally, spiritually, and physically to your knees.

Phillip VossPastorStonewater Church - Glen Rose CampusGlen Rose

Even after studying the materials suggested before going on this wonderful experience, I see that it is almost impossible to visualize and understand G_d’s word without seeing it in context.

Just as the settlers and Native Americans used the materials that were at hand for their shelters, so did the Israelites.  I had never pictured homes, inns, stables, castles and fortresses built in chalk limestone caves, but that was what was available to shelter them.

Seeing, no, experiencing the recent archeological discoveries will touch your soul just as Pilgrims to the Promised Land have been moved for years. Praising G_d at the same locations that Israelites praised him in the past may bring you to tears of joy.

It was easy to see individual members of our tour group were touched at different locations we visited according to their needs and G_d’s gifts. Come home to the Promised Land, even if it only for a short time, your life with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit will grow, especially as you share your experiences.

It is very easy to share the Word, when you are asked about your trip to the Promised Land.

Roy Achemire

Walking where Jesus walked…tracing the path Moses took…exploring the City of David. How do you put a price on these kinds of experiences?

When I signed up to attend the Father’s House Educational Journey, I knew I would learn more about God. I have been absolutely floored, however, at how much the experience has changed me, and the way I understand the Bible. I walked it. I saw the landscape. And my heart will never be the same.

Sign up! Don’t wait! You will never regret it.

Jill PowerStonewater Church GranburyGranbury, TX

I was on the 2011 / 2012 Holiday trip to Israel. I want to thank Byron, Tammy and Fathers House for making it possible for me to go on this life changing trip. Hardly a day goes by that I do not think about some aspect of our trip, what I learned or what I experienced.

It truly is a life changing experience. I firmly believe that every Pastor should go to Israel either while in seminary or in the first few years of ministry. Moshe has so much knowledge of historical importance, Biblical understanding, and archeological perspective of Israel that I was captivated by his lessons and explanations.

Each day was something new, exciting, educational and edifying regarding new discoveries, history, archaeology, current events, biblical history, biblical truth and application.

A short time ago, my wife was anxious to make plans for our next get away and she asked me, If you go anywhere right now, where would you like to go? My answer came quick and without hesitation; Israel. We hope go to Israel sometime in the next few years this time together.

Randy WebbCuster City Baptist ChurchGaineseville, TX

I want you all to know that I had a great trip and would certainly go again and recommend it to anyone. There is not a day goes by that I do not think about the trip and apply something to my life or study, although my head’s still spinning from all the information! Thanks to everyone of you who had a part in it.

Glen ChambersWinter Park, Colorado

A trip of a lifetime! No words can described being where Bible history was lived, walk and recorded for us now. Soooo Blessed!

Annetta FoxPastorGlen Rose Assembly

He is not here- He is risen indeed! What an amazing trip it has been!

Denice EcholsLoudan, Tn