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I definitely have a whole different perspective and appreciation for descriptions in the Bible of places that were beautiful, crying out in the wilderness, and praising when God provided. Huge difference of perspective!

Misti WhiteStonewater Church

So many wonderful memories of a beautiful country with an amazing history. So special

PriscillaCleburne, Tx

This trip is one of my FAVORITE memories! So beautiful and amazing! To be where Christ did most of his miracles made me feel so close to our Savior.

Laura EarwoodFaith Academy

How amazing! I can’t wait to go back. Thank you for the privilege to be in the Holy Land last year and dreaming for another trip in His time.

Kims Barnes WooleryFaith Academy

It is amazing and will change your life. I can’t wait until we get to go back!

Joshua McDonaldPastorRichmond Road Baptist Church

The biggest life changing experience ever, because it made me want to get into my Bible. And that has changed my life.

I went on the original trip with Father’s House in 2008 and it is still true today. I can’t wait everyday to get into His Word. Having been there where it happened, walking where Jesus walked, makes it come alive and gives understanding I could never get any other way.

I’ve been on lots of other trips and by the end of the 10 days or 2 weeks or whatever, I just want to get home and sleep in my own bed. Not Israel. I was home. I was home.

Ayron StinsonStonewater Church

People say, What’s your highlight? The whole trip from morning to afternoon to evening was so full of God, so full of His wonderful land.

It was all the highlight. Now I can see that the land, the wilderness used properly can bless abundantly. The dates that grow in California might produce 40 kilos, but in the wilderness in Israel the same trees can produce 400 kilos.

On the Sea of Galilee it was exposed to me that there was good in the wilderness and we are in a wilderness experience right now with a granddaughter. But there is good in the wilderness because God is there. He will bless it abundantly.

Judy HaileyWinter Park, Co

I have been challenged in several areas spiritually and will be using this next year to work through some of the spiritual truths that were shared on the trip.

On my first trip to Israel two years ago, I felt like it was more learning about the places and what happened there, but on this trip I really sensed a greater connection between the places we visited with the spiritual themes being emphasized. The repeated spiritual truths and connections were great.

I am so grateful John got to share spiritual insights I could grasp. He greatly increased the spiritual growth experience and was always ready to answer my many questions. Ron was also easy to understand and I appreciated his teaching as well. I thought it was great how well they worked together to help us understand the spiritual truths related to what we were seeing.

All the materials and suggested readings before the trip really helped. The trip increases your desire to learn even more. I loved having specific Scriptures to read and information to research.

I can’t wait to go back in 2013. I definitely want our youngest to have this experience too. I’m praying our whole family will be able to return Christmas of 2013.

Rebecca and Lydia DavisSouthfield Christian Fellowship

Phenomenal! I have traveled anywhere I wanted to go over the years because my mother owned a travel agency. I’ve never been on a trip like this one. To get to walk where Christ walked – just phenomenal.

NonieTouchstone Ranch

As soon as I returned from my first trip, I started saving for the next one. There is nowhere in the world quite like Israel.

EmmaFaith Academy