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Dear Byron and John;

I want to thank you both for the opportunity to be a part of the recent trip to Israel. It was a wonderful experience for me and I was blessed in a big way.

I’m still processing many of the things we experienced. I appreciate your investment that allowed me to be involved. You all did a great job and you are a blessing, not only to me but to God’s people here and in the Holy Land. May the Lord continue to bless you, your families, and the Father’s House.

With sincere gratitude,

Mark Greenroy

Mark GreenroyPastor Burleson, TX

The trip Father’s House arranged was way far and above anything I expected. I came home with an enthusiasm to learn to read Hebrew for a deeper understanding of the Bible I have been reading for most of my life and accepting at face value.

The Father’s House team took us places off the beaten path where archeological current findings authenticate and place the written Word in perspective with the people’s lives that were writing it down.

This helped me link a lot of teachings to my daily life. I came home knowing this time in Israel had been time that will open up new opportunities for me.

Judy SchlichtmanMartin Luther ChapelMarathon, FL

Father’s House, Thank you so much for the time, energy and care you put into our Israel trip. I am so grateful for the loving attention you gave to our group from Pedernales River Fellowship. May the Lord continue to bless you as you serve Him. In Christ, Greg

Greg BlandPastor Pedernales River FellowshipTX

Shalom! Tell Israel that I WILL be back there someday!!! My life was changed during that trip and will never be the same again. God will surely bless you, Byron, for installing you love of Israel in others.

Carole MadryBig Spring, TX

My first trip to Israel was December 2010 and I was elated. That trip was the fulfillment of a 58 year dream. It turned out to be more than I had ever imagined. I had always wanted to have a real study experience in Israel. I got exactly what I wanted. It was so much more than a tourist trip.

Thank God for the efforts and planning of Father’s House Educational Foundation and an expert guide like Moshe. I have read and studied the Word for 58 years, but that experience brought it alive.

Since my return it seems that a light was turned on when I read the Word. When I share it through teaching and/or preaching, it is so exciting to see and hear the excitement of those hearing the information and seeing the pictures of the land of Israel. What a joy it is to share with others. The inmates in my services at the prison where I am chaplain are thrilled.

I am thanked over and over for allowing them to enjoy the Power Point presentation of things they will never get to see because they are felons. I thought I was excited after the first trip, but when I came back in June of 2012, I could hardly keep silent. Most of the people where I work get excited just hearing about the trip.

What I found was that the second trip compounded what I had experienced on the first trip. We revisited a few of the places from the first trip, but it was amazing how much more was added to what I had already learned. In addition we went to new places which expanded the knowledge gained 18 months later. For instance in the 18 month time between the two trips we were able to see the ruins of King David’s palace in the City of David. On both trips there was such wonderful fellowship among the groups. Anyone needing a refreshing spiritual uplift should really consider making this trip to Israel.

Mel BradfordChaplainState of Arkansas Prison SystemMalvern, Arkansas

Our trip to Israel with the Father’s House was truly heart changing. I had heard from people who have been to Israel before and how God seemed to speak to them in the Holy Land. I wondered deep down, would he speak to me, what would it be like, what if he didn’t? With all those thoughts swirling around my head, my prayer was God speak to my heart. As a man, pastor, husband, and dad, I struggle with pride.

I did not want to come back and be a know it all about Israel, I wanted to come back with a changed heart. And that’s exactly what happened. Sure, I learned, experienced, and gained tons of knowledge and I will never read the bible the same or preach the same again, but God’s greatest gift to me was a more loving heart. I tell people that Israel made me a better LOVER. I love my wife, my kids, others, and my God more and it’s easier to show it.

The second to the last day of the trip John gave us the opportunity to be baptized in the Sea of Galilee. Inside I thought, I’m a pastor, I’ve already been baptized, I baptize others, I don’t need to be baptized. But then at the same time I felt our Father say, Do this for me, humble yourself, who cares what others think or say, do this for me, humble yourself for me. The wrestling match continued until the spirit won out and I got dunked. It was awesome. Humbling but awesome. It just felt right. Thank you for that opportunity. It was one of my highlights.

Jeremy WhitePastorStonewater Church Granbury, Texas

Hi Sir Byron, My memories of Israel are refreshed by just reading this. Thanks for sharing it, Sir. We love you, ma’am Tammy and the Father’s House family. Indeed, the impact of that trip with the FH (January of 2010) is still fresh and unforgettable. The zeal, the vision, focus and purpose is unquenched even up to this very day.

We are committed to do the main thing God called us to do, which is to love Him with all our hearts and to love our neighbors as ourselves and to teach God’s commands diligently to our children and to our children’s children. Simple, but this truth never came to life within me, no not until we went to the Holy Land and received great spiritual treasures beyond words. I can go on and on, but I still don’t know how to describe God’s amazing grace.

So let me just say again, thank you Father’s House Educational Foundation for obeying God’s call and vision. You are strengthening the under-shepherds that God called to full-time ministry in helping, training the saints, and advancing His cause. Hallelujah!

-Bro Armand V

Armand ValdezPastorDavao City, Philippines

I know that I will never be the same and can’t wait to go again. I truly believe that this trip was more than information it was impartation which added such a deeper diminution to the experience. In my particular situation the hand of God literally snatched me out of my world and dropped me into another world completely out of my control and comfort zone. I also think that I was more than surprised of how much I retained from this trip (since I gave up on note taking about the third day) but to my surprise the Holy Spirit was etching some truths into my soul that went far beyond Israel facts and history alone they where personal life lessons.

I also had a eye adjustment while there in Israel by the Holy Spirit that has helped me to see my world from a better perspective more filled with hope, more Kingdom fight and better than all that to take the sour things in this life, and with God’s help make lemonade ever time we have opportunity that can sweeten and enrich our lives and those around us. God gave me a fresh grace not to see the wilderness as my enemy anymore and to ask everyday what lessons are there to learn in the wilderness and if God put me in a wilderness place He can speak to me and show me the way, plus the quicker I learn the lessons of the wilderness the quicker I can get into my next season of milk and honey.

Several of my parishioners came up to me and asked what has happened to me (IN A GOOD WAY) since returning from this trip and I’m not sure if I can point to any one thing but I do know that God started a fresh work in my heart filled with new hope and a eye for the future. God has used me to help some of my pastor friends that have been burning up in the desert with despair and hopelessness to look for God to speak to them in their wilderness. Thanks so much for being that vehicle that the Holy Spirit could use to light up a worn out soldier of the cross and give him (ME) a fresh wind to fight the good fight another day. As for Your FATHER’S HOUSE team all of you are a God send and a real tool in the hand of God so please keep up the hard but good work and know your labor is not in vain.

John ElliottPastorHouston, Tx

We are so thankful for the heart of the Father’s House to connect Pastors and others to the heart of our Father. The trip to Israel was life changing. It has given us a better prospective of God’s heart for all His children. We are planning now to take a very large group next year.

Troy BrewerPastorOpen Door ChurchJoshua, Tx

The trip changed my life by making the Bible real. I always believed it, but now it is real. The ones I talk to about it,I tell them if they have been wrestling with their faith, they need to go to Israel. It will settle everything for them.

Tommy ShoemakerPastorRio Vista, Texas