Chaplain Shares Experience

My first trip to Israel was December 2010 and I was elated. That trip was the fulfillment of a 58 year dream. It turned out to be more than I had ever imagined. I had always wanted to have a real study experience in Israel. I got exactly what I wanted. It was so much more than a tourist trip.

Thank God for the efforts and planning of Father’s House Educational Foundation and an expert guide like Moshe. I have read and studied the Word for 58 years, but that experience brought it alive.

Since my return it seems that a light was turned on when I read the Word. When I share it through teaching and/or preaching, it is so exciting to see and hear the excitement of those hearing the information and seeing the pictures of the land of Israel. What a joy it is to share with others. The inmates in my services at the prison where I am chaplain are thrilled.

I am thanked over and over for allowing them to enjoy the Power Point presentation of things they will never get to see because they are felons. I thought I was excited after the first trip, but when I came back in June of 2012, I could hardly keep silent. Most of the people where I work get excited just hearing about the trip.

What I found was that the second trip compounded what I had experienced on the first trip. We revisited a few of the places from the first trip, but it was amazing how much more was added to what I had already learned. In addition we went to new places which expanded the knowledge gained 18 months later. For instance in the 18 month time between the two trips we were able to see the ruins of King David’s palace in the City of David. On both trips there was such wonderful fellowship among the groups. Anyone needing a refreshing spiritual uplift should really consider making this trip to Israel.

Mel BradfordChaplainState of Arkansas Prison SystemMalvern, Arkansas