The Greatest Journey I Have Been On In My Life

This was the greatest journey I have been on in my life. I’ve not been out of the states, never even been to Mexico and all of a sudden I am invited to go as a part of a group to Israel…. It was just a life changing experience for me.

Having seen in my own mind, trying to picture where Jesus walked and what it was like to walk there and then to be there was such a phenomenal change in my life…and to walk, not just where Jesus walked, but as we walked thru the ruins of David’s house and remembering those stories…. I get God bumps right now just talking about it. But I didn’t really go having any idea how it was going to impact me and my ministry back home…. but so many people in our church have talked about it has changed the dynamics… of my ministry there. I don’t know that I sense it that much but they said they just sense such an intensity in the message…. Now even when I’m sitting in my easy chair at home reading my Bible and I read a verse and all of a sudden I realize I’ve been there.. I’ve been there and I see what that really was.

Randy MacPastorCornerstone Christian Fellowship ChurchGlen Rose, Texas