Life-Changing Experience

Greetings, The NAUMS Israel June 2011 trip: life-changing experience – touched my own life and the ministry that God has called me to. It has touched other lives because it did touch mine. As a Pastor’s wife who is involved in preaching and teaching, the trip, the knowledge that I learned from Moshe help in expounding His Word. ROLFC (Releaser of Life Church) has a BIBLE SCHOOL, SYNERGY BIBLE SCHOOL, classes started last February 2012. We have 56 students enrolled. As a teacher, as we go through the lesson, coming across some passage from Israel trip, there is something that lifts in my spirit about this passage. The trip has helped me a lot. My prayers for the peace of Jerusalem are more intense. THANK YOU to Brother Byron and Tammy for their generosity, thank you also Pastor John and Roxie for your leadership and friendship during the NAUMS 2011 Israel trip. Praying someday we will be able to go back home to Israel, as Moshe’s welcome word was “Welcome Home”. Praying for FHEF trips and the Gilgal project. Blessings to all, fhef alumni, staff and co-workers.

Nelrose SasamReleaser of Life ChurchDavao, Philippines