A Passion For Israel That Is Strong

Meticulously planned and a wonderful experience. Life-changing in the truest sense of the word. I have a new passion for the Old Testament and fullness of the Bible. Almost too much information to absorb! I learned so much that I’m not sure where to start to explain it! I grew in my faith tremendously. I have a keen interest in the Old Testament now that did not exist before the trip. I see the Bible as one complete text now and not in division of Old and New. Totally transformed my view of the Bible, time, and the land of Israel. I go from a naive, “Just give me Jesus” Christian to a man that sees Jesus in the totality of the word. I also have a passion for Israel that is strong and I miss that land every day since we departed.

Mark EarwoodAdministratorFaith AcademyMarble Falls, Tx