God Was Sending Such A Powerful Message

phillip-vossMy trip to Israel was amazing! I was told before we left by a good friend that God had a gift for me, and boy did he. I was touched in so many ways as we toured the sites and I listened to the teachings. I was especially blown away at the city of David and hearing all the teachings and seeing all the history. We ended our stop their with time in the upper room, and for me it all came together. The entire journey Jesus took for the Father, came together for me in that moment. I realized exactly what his purpose was and what message he came to deliver. It was powerful and overwhelming to say the least.

phillip-voss2For me in that moment, I truly believe I had a greater understanding of the Gospel and all that Jesus means historically and symbolically. I can now understand what he means to the gentiles, but after experiencing that moment with God, I now understand the message he was sent to deliver to Israel and the chosen people of God. In the upper room Jesus’ actions cried out I am the king of Jews, and in doing so he also hammered home the point that he is the Messiah. It was truly powerful for me to understand more about the time Jesus spent here on earth, and how God was sending such a powerful message to the entire world. God in that moment said I am the rightful king, but I came to do something even greater for all of mankind. It was an act of love that when sitting in the places where they took place, will bring you emotionally, spiritually, and physically to your knees.

Phillip VossPastorStonewater Church - Glen Rose CampusGlen Rose

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