Stand With Israel Now

Stand With Israel Now!

If you’re a pastor or leader of  a small church, but still know the benefits of going to Israel, you’ve found the right place to be encouraged! For a smaller church, the task of sending 2 people on a journey to Israel may seem daunting! Isn’t it expensive?! If you’ve prayed about this, and you feel like God is leading your church to send 2 young leaders to Israel, trust that God will take care of the details! He made a way for the good news of His son to spread across all of the nations starting with just 12 disciples.


It would take years of fund raisers, offerings, etc. to put together a church tour to Israel of 20-30 people.But, if 20 small churches work together to send 2 people from each congregation, all 20 churches will be blessed! Father’s House works with multiple churches every year to take many people. In 2016, we took more than around 100 people to Israel from a variety of bodies of believers!


There are many ways you can easily accomplish this but I want to talk about what we call the “Dollar A Day” method. This is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to send 2 people to Israel for a small Church body.


Dollar A Day Method


As the pastor or leader of your congregation, share your heart that you’d like your Church to Take A
Stand With Israel NOW! Share that the prophet Ezekiel said, “I will bring you from the nations and gather you from the countries where you have been scattered — with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm and with outpoured wrath.” God is bringing His people to Israel – You as a believer in Jesus Christ have been grafted into Israel – God’s chosen. 

Piggy Ban

If you have 20 people in your church body agree with you, and each are willing to give $1 per day, you will raise $140.00 per week. At the end of 1 year, you will have $7280.00 together to send a couple to Israel. While you may be thinking you could use $7,000 to update your restrooms, get a new sound system, or paint the sanctuary, you will not get the excitement, joy, or Biblical knowledge that comes from a journey to Israel.


Our journey’s are not just regular tours. On our tours, we travel around and crack open the Bibles to see what God said about the locations we’re at. It gives a new perspective of the Promised land and genuine hunger for the Word.


Imagine this: your church sends 2 people to Israel who come back pumped up and hungry to read the Bible. They tell their friends about what they saw and did while in Israel with passion that only a journey there could ignite and that your church helped them to go.. Do you think your church might grow? What about your couple that is passionate about the Word digging in deeper than they ever have, learning more and growing spiritually, eager to share the good news with the lost? Do you think your church would grow?
With this easy method, you can see that this is something that is doable. Something that would edify and encourage your body of believers! Don’t wait! E-mail us that your church wants to stand with Israel and we’ll give you supplies for your presentation!

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