Dear Friends of Living Stones Orphanage,

Here is some of the good news we covered at our LSO board meeting last week–

So far in 2010, Living Stones has cared for 38 children.   There are currently 20 children in the home.

Two boys have been picked up by their adoptive parents this year–  Leo went to Minnesota and Franco went to Massachusetts.  Both are doing
very well, in fact we were able to stop by both of those states this past summer and see those boys with their new parents, who are very happy to have them!

Ten children were reunited with their biological parents or relatives so far this year:
1) Chrisha Mae, 2) Jasmine, 3) Jessica, 4) Jennelyn, 5) Princess Nina, 6) Marwin, 7) Modesto, 8) Kristine 9) Carlito and 10) Ashley
. . . and six children are ready for processing of local (national) adoptions:  1) Alexander,  2) Kenth,  3) Cris,  4) Emarie,  5) Mariel and  6) Raven
(If no adoptive parents are found for them in the Philippines, these children will be adopted internationally.)

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Praise Reports:
1)  Christopher — who had a successful operation on June 2, 2010 to repair a cleft lip, is doing very well.  The doctor advised that when Christopher reaches two years old (and if he has not been adopted by then) he will be scheduled to have a surgery for the complete palate to be repaired, which will help his speech.
2)  Jestonie — our oldest orphan, is doing well in his studies in first year at the University of Mindanao.  A’s and B’s on this first term grading report!
3)  Vicky — currently matched to a couple in Virginia, USA.  Her passport has already been processed.  Vicky’s scheduled to get her medical and visa for the USA next week!   Note:  Some of you may recall that Vicky is the girl who came to LSO on the day she was born two years ago this month.  (Her mother’s job was scavenging for cardboard boxes she could resell.)  Vicky was not in good shape the day she was born, so our staff took her to the hospital where she spent the first four weeks of her life.  She had a hole in her heart, but it has since closed up nicely (as affirmed by 2D echo tests).
4)  Jeffrey– Last month, we were blessed by a return visit from Jeffrey and his new family.  Jeff was adopted from LSO two years ago by a couple from Australia.  They were in Davao on a family holiday, with their six year-old daughter as well, who they got from an orphanage in Rizal province (near Manila).  It was nice to see Jeff again!  He is healthy, full of energy and starting to talk with an Aussie accent.
The Australian family blessed the Living Stones kids from 2-5 years old and several LSO staff members with a trip to the Philippine Eagle Park and the Davao Crocodile Park when they were in town.  The orphans all enjoyed that a lot.  Myca (5) was in awe as he saw one of the majestic Philippine Eagles (which stand a meter high and have a two meter wingspan).    “Daaaa-ko-o-o-o!” he said.  “Dako” means “big” and he was right!  The kids were thrilled to see monkeys, crocs, tigers, eagles, talking myna birds and even an orangutan.   Here’s a link to a photo slideshow of the outing to the zoos:
5) Alexander — will be picked up by his adoptive parents on Nov. 7, 2010!  This is a local adoption—his new parents live in Manila. Alexander’s new mother is a Filipina and his new dad is a Canadian.

Prayer Requests:
1)  Caloy —  was only one year and two months old when his mother abandoned him. His father died when Caloy was two months old and after that his aunt took care of him, but the relatives could no longer afford to help because his aunt also had eight children. So, the relatives decided to surrender him to Living Stones Orphanage a month ago.

2)  Jay (two yrs. old) and his brother Lester (five yrs.) were admitted at the orphanage.  Their case is only for temporary custody for two months while their mom is looking for a job.  Jay and Lester were abandoned by their father.  Often, in these cases, the mother never comes back either– because if she gets her kids back, how can she care for them while she’s at work?  And, if she doesn’t get work, there is no food to give them.  This is the result of a delinquent dad and poverty.  May God’s will be done for these boys.  As long as they need our help, Living Stones is here for them.

3)  Mariel — (one year and two months old).  She has a lump (cyst) on the left side of her head. The doctor advised some months back that it needs to be removed by surgery, which is finally scheduled for next week, after being delayed because of some other medical complications Mariel was dealing with.

To God be the glory for everything that He has done in the lives of these precious children.  Together, we are giving them hope and a future.
Thank you to our financial partners and to those who pray for us.  We are asking God to rain down blessings on you.

For the kids,
Ken & Cris Sandberg
Directors, Living Stones Orphanage
Davao City, Philippines – See more at: