Year May Change But The God NEVER DOES

HAPPY NEW YEAR HAPPY NEW YOU! Year may change but the God we are serving is the
same yesterday, today & forever. He is our Immanuel year in and year out.

December 2011 @ ROLFC

The last month of the year was a year to gather the Harvest of Souls to His fold.
The different Campuses had their Christmas Celebration but it was not just it was a
Gathering of people whose lives has be connected to God through the effort done by each leaders &
New faces, happy faces, expectant faces our hearts rejoice when we saw all who came and join.
We group the different Campus or Outreach into Cluster:
One cluster attendance was 598 (Ruel & Fretzel Yu (Church Leader/couple) William Sasam(youth
leader)& Jay Torno(youth). They prepared the programme, Christmas giveaways, food. God is good!

Cluster 2- Felix and wife Leng Chagas together with some leaders, gathered 350.
Cluster 3 – Albert & Melody Laga together with some leaders gathered 230.
Cluster 4 Ian Cayunda & company 100 ( due to heavy rain when the event was held).

January 13-15 it will start tonite, Friday we will have our new believers retreat. Expected delegates is more or less 50 people. Please uphold us in your prayers.

January 15 Sunday is Nelrose and our son William Victor will be celebrating their birthday. Our firstborn son was born on my wife’s birthday.  He is God’s gift to us. Say a special blessing/declaration – prayer for them. Thank you.

January 29 Releaser of Life Family Church (ROLFC) will celebrate our 9th year Anniversary-Thanksgiving. On this day’s part of the program will be we will be presenting to the LORD everyone who have been connected to God/ saved last year 2011. Souls who have been ushered to His Kingdom. Fruit of the labor of God’s children.

Thank you for your prayers and support for the year 2011 Praying our partnership to continue this 2012 to the Praise of His glory.
Indeed our labor is not in vain in the Lord the road may sometimes be bumpy but we never lost focus on our destination, finances may sometimes test us but God supplies and we are rest assured God is with us and you are with us. Your prayers and financial support are much appreciated.

Blessings to everyone in 2012.

Tito & Nelrose SasamPastorsReleaser Of LIfe ChurchDavao City, Philippines