He Brought God’s Word To Life

Shalom, What a joy to get to know each team member, I know we were all called to be on this trip. Moshe was amazing. His knowledge of God’s word was inspiring. His love zeal for the preservation of Israel is God’s call on his life. I feel so privileged to have experienced the tabernacle in the wilderness, the march into Old Jerusalem, having a military escort to the Jordan River and on and on. He brought God’s word to life. I was reading about Peter today and thought, wow, I’ve been in his home and realized that he didn’t have far to go to hear the Sermon on the Mount. The scribe and all the different speakers thrilled my heart. Thank you, Moshe. John’s knowledge of the Word of God and his sweet Godly spirit won our hearts. One of my most heartfelt times was John sharing how the shofar blew from the temple wall at the beginning of the Sabbath and his belief that Jesus rose from the dead at that exact time – Awesome! The boat ride on the Sea of Galilee on “Faith” was so special it’s difficult to choose a favorite. Re-living this amazing journey has blessed and encouraged me. All the pastors were a blessing to us.

Jo Ann BarronPlains, Tx