Tears of Joy And Praises To The Father

Greetings. Me and wife Nelrose was talking about our experience in Israel. We were looking at the pictures and videos we got. Tears of joy and praises to the Father for such a wonderful privilege He has given us through you and Tammy. Our hearts are rejoicing. It has really help us grow in the Lord, and whenever we share God’s word to the congregation it has deeper insights because of what we have seen and learned from the trip. The Bible really came alive and the more intense is our prayer for the peace of Jerusalem. What a blessing and a great impact the trip to us and the ministry. Thank you brother for the ministry of fhef and your generosity. Thank you for yoyr prayers and praying that you can help us financially in the ministry here at rolfc. Love. Tito and Nelrose

Tito SasamReleaser of life