God is Listening To Us Grow Tremendously

Over the New Year of 2012, I was blessed through the work of the Father’s House to be on the Journey Group to go to Israel. It was one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever done in my life. Actually, it is THE most remarkable thing I’ve ever done. I’m not a Preacher or a pastor; I’m an active member with my church family in Glen Rose, Texas. The way that I came to Christianity was because I was shown that God is real and that God cares about us. I used to not claim to be a Christian even years into my adult life. But, I had a horrific accident whereby almost every other person would have died from the accident, and most that lived would not have received the Blessing of recovery that I received. After this horrific accident and as I was in the medical rehabilitation process, I prayed and I was saved through a very strong Christian friend of mine. As far as sharing the news about Christ, I do that often as I now spend much of my time presenting to people about life choices. Tied deeply to my message is the message of Christ’s love for us. That’s my number one priority: sharing the message about God’s role in our lives. Now, going to Israel cemented my desire to do this to do JUST this: to share the message of Christ’s love for us. When I walked on the land where Jesus walked, when I was at the place of His birth as a human, when I was at the place where Jesus performed many miracles, when I was on very trails where Jesus walked, my awareness that He is listening to us that Christ / God is listening to us grew tremendously. And, one of the greatest gifts about being in Israel is that my awareness about God listening to us IS STILL present with me now even being back in a different country and on a different continent from Israel. I love God for what He has done for me for us and I desire nothing more than sharing the message so that others are also turned toward Him.

Curtis ChildersStonewaterGlen Rose, Texas