Truly Grateful For The Opportunity

Hallow Family at Father’s House, Words fail me, with which to express adequately my appreciation. I am truly grateful for the opportunity the Father’s House Educational Foundation made available for me and other pastors to go on an educational tour to Israel. Just being there and seeing the richness of our Christian faith was such a blessing to me. The physical evidence to the biblical message was both encouraging and an eye opener. The Lord has used this visit to give me a stronger desire to read and study afresh His Word. I feel emboldened to proclaim God’s Word. I tried suppressing my emotions the whole time I was in Israel but I could not contain myself the last day we were in Galilee. As we sailed on the calm Sea of Galilee, I saw the sun setting (as it were) between two mountains. I could not help but weep with joy for what Christ has done for us. In spite of the turmoil the human race is going through, God’s plan to save mankind is still on course. He is faithful in making the sun to rise and set, to calm the waters, and bring every believer to our eternal home, safely. Somehow, I could not wrap my intellect around the thought that my Savior walked along this sea and called some saying, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Now I am one of those fishermen! What a privilege! Chacha D. Mwita Pastor, Tumaini International Church

Chacha MwitaTumaini International ChurchFt. Worth, Tx