It truly was an amazing experience

It truly was an amazing experience and I found it extremely special to have this journey with some amazing men of God. We were all bounded together because our love for Jesus Christ and we continued to grow throughout the journey. I have a greater understanding of the biblical text as well as modern day Israel and their daily struggle as a result of this trip.

Of course, it makes scripture come alive and will greatly impact your preaching and teaching of God’s word as well as strengthening your overall faith. I would also encourage pastors to consider various ways they can help others in their church family make a similar journey to Israel to help strengthen your local body as well as provide much needed support and encouragement for the people of Israel. I think having church leaders experience this type of trip only results in a greater blessing for those that are part of the churches they lead. Great experience, Great Journey, and Life Changing!!!

Chris WilliamsPastorStonewater ChurchGranbury, Texas