They gave us the best experience they could possibly give us

My trip to Israel was an opportunity I never thought would happen. To start the Journey in Jordan and follow the path of Jesus was amazing. I was amazed and at times I couldn’t hold back the tears. It’s hard to be in the place where Jesus stood, was tortured, crowned with thorns and given His Cross to be crucified on so all of us could live. It was a very emotional experience. We experienced John the Baptist, The fisherman of men, the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea, The City of David and so much more. This trip by the Fathers House is not a normal tour. This trip goes behind the scenes and places not many people get to experience.

This trip (my second trip) we had a total of 8 Pastors with us. All of them were amazed and taken back by the truth of the trip. I think every Pastor should have the opportunity to visit Israel and relay the message of the Promised Land to their church and encourage His Church to visit their home as well. The first thing that is said to you as you land in Tel Aviv is, “Welcome Home.”

The Father’s House is amazing. They gave us the best experience they could possibly give us. From the airlines to the finest hotels, to the transportation and two of the finest meals a person could want, everyday! On both of my trips there was never an issue with safety. The people of Israel and the Jordan welcomed us with open arms and love. They are our brothers and sisters.

If you love God and want to learn and understand Him, this is the trip for you. If you love to worship, this is the trip for you. I have always believed God is Real. Now I know, God is Real.
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Bill KellarFresno, California