It is as if blinders have been removed from my spiritual eyes!

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards you for what you have done in my life. A number of years ago when I was doing some work to help in the aftermath of Katrina I met a new Christian who was telling me about his story. He said that God had totally “messed up” his life! He went on to explain that God had so changed his life that he would never be the same in a good way God had changed his whole perspective of life. Well this Israel trip and what I saw and heard has totally “messed up” my life! In a good and most incredible way!

It is as if blinders have been removed from my spiritual eyes! Every passage, every reference to God’s people,  a place so captures my attention that I get hung up in a verse or two and feast upon His Truths. The perspective of what God did where it took place layer upon layer literally blows my mind! I can’t take it all in. And I feel like I am just getting started. Needless to say, it has transformed my life, my preaching and my ministry.

How God allowed my life to be connected with you, with Bono, Moshe, the Fathers House… Well, that still amazes me! But I do know this, what you have sown into me has spread to our church! Like a wild fire, the desire to go to Israel is spreading we will, Lord willing, go with the Fathers House next year. This is the plan we believe God is leading us in and I can’t wait for it to come about!

Your gift came at such a good time for us. Leslie and I needed a break together. We are so blessed to have such a gracious and loving church family, but our time away was refreshing and invigorating. In fact, Leslie and I have resolved one day to find a spot on the Sea of Galilee to just spend a week or two! Who knows what will happen but we take great delight in even thinking about it.

Well, more could be said. Yet “words” seem so inadequate in expressing the overflow of my heart.

Thank you. Thank you for your gift for your investment in me for looking beyond the things of this world that you might sow for the next. That is a rare thing in our day yet I believe you have brought the Father and all His House great joy and glory in what you have done.
May the fullness of His Spirit rest upon each of you this day, and like Joseph of old may He cause to prosper all that you set your hands to! To God be the Glory!

Scott Whitson