They will never view the Word of God in quite the same light again

The recent trip to Israel was a tremendous blessing.  I personally have been able to travel to the Promised Land now on three different occasions.  While each one was special, I think this last trip was the most meaningful because of who went with me.  This is the first opportunity I have had to take members of the Bono congregation as well.  Seeing their joy and amazement at being in the land of the Bible was priceless.  The trip to Israel, over 3,000 dollars.  The gasoline to the airport and home again, 60 dollars.  The smiles and tears on faces of those who saw where Jesus walked, lived, taught, and died…PRICELESS!  They will never view the Word of God in quite the same light again.  Chris Ellison, fellow Bono traveler, perhaps summed it up best.  When ask what he thought about the trip, he said “It’s not just a story anymore!”  The Word has taken on new meaning and a passion for learning more of God has been stirred.  I would encourage, challenge, implore…beg if need be…any Pastor to find his way to a Father’s House tour of Israel.  It is unlike any other tour and is certain to spark renewal in the hearts of all those blessed to go.  Not to mention, the Word promises that God will bless those who bless Israel.  Be blessed by the Father’s House so that they in turn will be blessed in future trips and so that you might bless others with this life-changing experience.  Just let the blessings flow!

Kevin BentleyFather's House Foundation