Pure Joy Of Being In The Holy Land

I am so very thankful and grateful to the FHEF for allowing me to travel with the Paschal-Hope Group. I can’t express the pure joy of being in the Holy Land!  Everything was perfect from start to finish. What a privilege to have 10 glorious days of nothing but the Lord Jesus Christ on our agenda!!!  I absolutely loved our times of reading the Bible, praying, singing and worshiping together.  Moshe was so informative, enthusiastic and passionate concerning everything he shared with us about Israel. Sami was an awesome driver and a joy to be with; Moshe and Sami make a great team. Byron was so very caring and watchful and made the trip easy for us!  I enjoyed getting to know so many loving, kind and joyful Christian brothers and sisters.
The entire trip increased my love for Israel and the Jewish people.  But the most important event of the trip for me was:  my love, devotion, excitement and joy in Him was dramatically increased+++  I was in love with Him before the trip, but now I am melted and submerged in Him with joy inexpressible….TO HIM BE ALL THE GLORY PRAISE AND HONOR FOREVER MORE…. AMEN AND AMEN+++

His servant,
Betty Robinson

Betty RobinsonTexas