How To Be An Awesome Valentine

Sometimes we all struggle with the question.. what gift do I give that’s truly outside of the (chocolate) box…

Give lots of ~fancy~ chocolate

  • Strawberries dipped in chocolate
  • Chocolate cake
  • A box full of chocolates
  • Digital chocolates (read below)

Show the one you love most your love for God and the promised land. Instead of spending $30 for a box of chocolates share the love with Father’s House Educational Foundation. In the memo line be sure to include the word “Chocolate” you will receive an email containing a graphic you can share via social media or printed out to give your Valentine and share with friends how you changed up Valentine’s Day with a gracious donation equal to the cost of a box of chocolates.


Spend quality time together

Nothing is more important on a holiday that celebrates love and romantics than simply being together! Spend the day showing each other your unconditional love. For the ultimate romantic gesture that ensures quality time and priceless memories, book a Father’s House Educational Foundation journey to Israel!

Roses, roses, and more roses!

The average cost for a dozen roses in the U.S.A. is $50! Instead of spending all your hard earned money on flowers that eventually die, donate $50 to Father’s House using the memo “Roses” and receive:

  1. A portion of a Torah Scroll
  2. AND virtual roses (a social media shareable graphic)


Donate now by clicking this link 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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